We are the first Romanian confectionery laboratory on Cote d'Azur.

We opened this sweetshop to remind us about the cakes at home and we also want to make the Romanian goodies known in the country that adopted us: savarine, amandine, dobos cake, Carpati cake, sponge cakes, pasca, colaci.

We started even earlier, when, out of a dream and a game of colours and textures, shapes and tastes, we wanted to make Alessia's childhood last longer in every day reality, a sweetshop being the most suitable one!

The passion for kindness, beauty and excelence motivates and recommends us to be near our clients in all their life events.

Our laboratory, situated in Nice, is equipped with performing and innovative devices (ovens, kneaders, fermenters etc), but we emphasize on cakes craft creation, each layered cake being unique, a real work of art !

Following all the hygiene rules, the high qualification and experience of our staff and the good quality of the raw materials we use, all these are one of the assets that reccomend us!

We offer only ordered products, so that our clients are certain that all of them are fresh and we think eccologically ,to avoid wasting the raw materials.

We take care not to spoil the environment, so that we promote and we use ecological methods to decrease the quantity of resulting materials.

We are responsable for the man/woman parity, so that everyone has the chance to apply for a job which has the same wage for equivalent competencies.

Our pastry and confectionery products are natural, delicious and craft created:

-flour from traditional and famous producers

-a good balance between traditional and innovative recipes

-natural products, without additives or conservants

Your order is immediately honored or as soon as possible and the delivery is made quickly, so that all the clients will be sure of the products freshness.

For the CANDY BARS we use the best quality products!

  • 100% natural ingredients, without conservants or additives
  • Fresh products, made when they are ordered
  • Unique, personalized products
  • Our clients' opinion